Call for posters

The University of Sydney, is pleased to host the 2019 Australian Communications Theory Workshop (6-8 Feb, 2019).

The 19th Australian Communications Theory Workshop (AusCTW) will be hosted by the University of Sydney on 6-8 February 2019. AusCTW will bring together academics, industry experts, and post-graduate students to engage in knowledge sharing and development of next-generation communication infrastructure. During the two and a half days, the Workshop will feature 3 keynote talks by world-class researchers, invited technical oral presentations, poster presentations, and an exciting new best thesis competition. Past workshops have provided formal and informal environments to successfully foster collaborative research.

The workshop aims to

1.bring together national and international telecommunication experts from universities and industry to present latest findings in and collaborate on developing new secure and reliable communications technologies training of Australian postgraduate students by providing financial support for them to attend the conference, and encourage high-quality research through the Australian Communications Theory Best Thesis Prize

3.facilitate technology transfer between academics and industry

This conference will facilitate collaboration and enable access to international and interstate expert in telecommunications. Past AusCTW conferences have fostered collaborations between academics and industry, and have led to many successful nationally funded projects. We anticipate that bringing together experts in telecommunications in 2019 will similarly facilitate the success of future national funding applications.

By bringing together academics and experts from industry, this conference will facilitate technology transfer between them. This conference will strengthen ties among academics and industry experts in telecommunications, thereby facilitating the development of secure and high-speed telecommunication infrastructure for Australia.